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Translation is the conversion of text in one language into text in another language.

Translation in the true sense is to disassemble the original text and to find the appropriate words
and phrases corresponding to the original intention of writer and being natural in the target language.

It is necessary to constantly think and review whether the original text and the translated text have the same meaning and the same tone.
A high-quality translation can be completed only when such consideration and review are supported.

  • Corporations

    Articles of Incorporation / Certified Copy of Register /
    Agreement / Business Plan / Financial Statements /
    Audit Report / Licenses & Permits / Other Documents

  • Legal

    Judgement / Compliant / Consent / Statement /
    Affidavit / Financial Guarantee / Grievance /
    Summary Order / Other Documents

  • Patents

    Trademark Registry / Trademark Registration /
    Service Mark Registry / Issued Patent /
    Patent Application / Utility Model / Other Documents

  • Advertisements & Promotions

    Website / Marketing Materials / Catalogue / User Guide /
    Instruction Manual / Hardware/Software User Guide /
    Investor Relations / Company Profile Presentation /
    Other Documents